How to Order

You can order either by phone or U.S. Mail. Simply follow the instructions below:


Print the Daylily Order Form. Be sure to have all the information ready that is on the order form prior to calling. Call (765) 969-0332 and place your order. Orders typically not shipped before May 1st.

U.S. Mail

Mail the completed Daylily Order Form and a check (Paypal optional) with the total amount to the following address:

Daylily Connection
6338 E. 900 N.
Falmouth, IN 46127

Orders will be shipped via USPS to the address provided. You may call (765) 969-0332 or E-mail contact us if you have any questions.

Daylily Connection
6338 E. 900 N.  Falmouth, IN 46127
(765) 969-0332 Contact Us